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Neck Exercises

Effective neck exercises to improve your facial appearance.

So many people focus on exercise downwards from the neck, yet the neck and your face have a total of 57 muscles that also need regular exercise.  One of Jack LaLanne's neck strengthening exercises, called a "head raise", is to lie flat on the bed on your back, letting your head drop over the edge of the bed. then lift your head and place your chin on your chest. Count to 10 while holding this position. Then let your head drop back down, rest, then redo this exercise.

Just chewing your food well helps to define your jaw line and diminish the double chin. Chew your food until it is almost the consistency of a liquid.  Your age is revealed by the condition of your neck!

There is a well known neck tightening exercise called "Kiss the Sky", it has been found to be effective in reducing sagging neck skin. This is how it's done: Click to tweet.


  • Warm yourself up by stretching your back and neck.
  • Point your chin straight up, as if reaching to the sky.
  • pull your jaw forward and up.
  • Pucker your lips, pretend you are going to kiss.
  • Against the roof of your mouth, Push your tongue up firmly.
  • Then, hold this position for ten seconds.
  • After this, release and go back to a relaxed position.


This basic exercise thickens, lengthens, and tones neck muscles. To avoid that “turkey neck” look that so often accompanies aging, you need to develop a strong neck. This exercise also helps lessen the appearance of neck cords and overall tightens skin under the chin. Do this skin firming exercise each day; it takes only a minute or two. Do it before bed. Make it a habit and your neck will start to look strong and beautiful.

People mostly focus on keeping their face looking young, after all, it is what we show the world everyday. But the neck, if neglected, often ends up scrawny and saggy with age. No one wants their youthful face (which took hard work to maintain) connected to an old looking neck.


Here are two more effective neck exercises, allowing you to gradually eliminate a double chin, "waddle", or "turkey neck", courtesy of Cynthia Rowland of Toronto, Canada.

With your shoulders erect, lift your chin to the uppermost possible, then press up with your tongue flat up to the roof of your mouth, do this for 10 seconds. Focus your eyes on the ceiling, while opening your lips ever so slightly. Do this on a daily basis, and in two to three weeks your neck will start to firm up and improve. 

Here is how to work your jaw line. Lift your chin, turn your head to the right, keeping your eyes to the ceiling. Then, take your bottom jaw and slide it forward. Count to 5 

(Do both these exercises alone, while in your bathroom - close the door!)

Refer to the following video for further details to refine your own technique.


Jack LaLanne has noted that when people exercise regularly, their faces tend to become younger looking due to an enhanced blood flow to the upper portions of the human body.

One of Jack LaLanne's "saggy neck" exercise techniques is to stand erect, open your mouth as wide as you can, press your lip, then turn your lips from side to side, do this a few times, hold your lips at each side. Then, put your head back, contract your neck muscles repeatedly, then turn your head back and forth. Do this several times a day and you will start to see an improvement in your neckline and double chin.

 Here is the original Jack Lalanne video, for your reference:


Snoring, or "sleep apnea", may also improve from some special throat exercises! According to a recent study ("Effects of oropharyngeal exercises on patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome"), published in The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers studied a group of people with obstructive sleep apnea and divided them into two groups. One group was trained to do daily breathing exercises, whereas the second group did 30 minutes of throat exercises, such as swallowing and chewing motions, moving the tip of the tongue against the front of the palate and sliding it back, and attempting to pronounce certain vowels quickly and continuously.

After three months duration of this experiment, subjects who performed the throat exercises snored less, slept better and reduced the severity of their condition by 39 percent. The subject group also showed a reduction in neck circumference, which is a known risk factor for snoring. The control group showed virtually no improvement. 


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