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Facial Exercises

Learn how to do facial exercises and improve your appearance.

While doing some exercises to reduce a double chin, it is useful to also consider doing some facial exercises. Carole Maggio, the founder of Facercise, reveals some of her useful facial exercises in the following video.

The essence of the method (see this review) is summarized below.

These are some of the exercises, to be done twice daily for maximum benefit:

Neck Toner or jaw strengthener Open your mouth, place your lower lip over your bottom teeth, then do a "scoop", wait 3 seconds, do another"scoop", then at the end exhale. This can tone the chin, neck and jaw line within 5 days.

Double chin toner To tone your  neck, chin and jaw line, try this exercise . Put one hand on the front of your neck and the other hand on your desk or a table. While sitting tall, position your chin up as high as you can, but not hurting the back of your neck. Smile as you look up toward the ceiling.  Then, push away from the desk with your hand. Rock back and forth, as if you were on a rocking chair, so as to have all your energy going out toward your back. Then, push backwards and slowly return to the upright position. Quickly push, with your feet and hands, and continue looking towards the ceiling.  Rock for at least 30 times. Then, turn your head toward your right shoulder and rock at least 30 more times. Finally, turn your head  towards your left shoulder, and without stopping, rock at least 30 times more. 

Nose Shortener This exercise will narrow and shorten your nose which, regrettably, tends to grow longer as we age. To perform this exercise, with your index finger and thumb grasp the bridge of your nose, as if you’re simultaneously pinching and pushing down on the bridge of your nose.  With your other index finger, push your nose tip up strongly. With your lips closed, pull your upper lip down and relax. Repeat this exercise for 40 times, all the while keeping the tip of your nose pushed upwards.

Face Toner This exercise will tone, narrow and lift the sides of your face. First, open your mouth and roll your lips over your teeth as much as possible. Then, roll the corners of your mouth inside, in the process pulling them towards the back teeth. Next, make a small opening with your mouth (but not a smile). Next, place your fingertips on your chin. Slowly move your hands upwards, along the sides of your face to emphasize the visualization of the lifting of the sides of your face. Finally, look up, and continue moving your hands upwards until you get a burning feeling on the sides of your face. When you get this burn, push your face forwards, with your shoulders leaning back and push your hands above your head 20 times or more.

Eye Enhancer This exercise will enhance  muscles around your eye socket, as well as reduce puffiness in the vicinity of the eyelids. It eliminates the tired, tense appearance that sets in as one begins to lose muscle tone around the eye socket. To perform this exercise, position your index and middle fingers on the inner and outer eye corners, respectively, then  visualize the sun coming into the eyes, squint upwards, and release.  Squint up, then release.  Then hold the upwards squint  for 20 seconds. This eye exercise will tone the lower eyelids, and oxidize the surrounding cells with blood.


For a broad understanding of other exercises which can help with the cheeks,eyelids and forehead area, refer to the following video from


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