Double Chin Exercises

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Double Chin Exercises

What double chin exercises are effective and how to accomplish them.

For effective treatment of a double chin, consider losing some weight overall; this will benefit you in many healthy ways, but will have a side benefit of eliminating some of your double chin. The exercises that follow here are pretty easy to do, so don't despair. Removing your double chin does not happen overnight, but can be accomplished by persistence in doing targeted chin exercises. An effective program should be linked to a second objective to lose overall body fat.

Additional ways of improving a double chin are to improve your posture. Good posture will influence every part of your body; this allows double chin exercises to be more effective. By keeping your head up at most times, your throat muscles will gradually become tighter. Also, chewing sugar free gum has been found to be effective.

Try exercising the platysma muscle in this way: First, open your mouth wide, pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth, and then try working your jaw up and down, as if it were being used as a "scoop". This exercise is sometimes referred to as the "shovel."

Here are two double chin exercises from Jack LaLanne, which will also benefit your eyes and your hair. These two exercises, in addition to reducing your double chin, have the side benefit of improving circulation to your face and neck as well.

With Chin on Chest, move Side to Side: Lie down on a hard surface or mat, and tip your chin forwards toward the chest. Then, tense up your muscles and press your chin against your chest.

Double Chin Exercise - 1

Slowly, turn your chin to the right, attempting to touch your right shoulder.

Double Chin Exercise - 2

Then, slowly turn your head to the left, and attempt to touch your left shoulder.

Double Chin Exercise - 3

Breathe in deeply as you turn your head. As you reach the end of each turn, exhale. Start with 5-6 turns of your head, and gradully increase to 20 turns. Perform this exercise 3-4 times per week.

Classic Head Raise: With you lying down on a bed or chair, allow your head to hang over the edge. Slowly lift your head up, trying to touch your chest with your chin, all the while tensing your neck muscles. Bring your head back down, and repeat this sequence 3 to 4 times.

Here are two related YouTube videos of Jack LaLanne performing this "classic head raise" exercise.

An excellent recent book by Jack LaLanne ("Revitalize Your Life", Hastings House Publishers, 2003), summarizes many of these exercises, with instructive pictures of his exercises. With this book, you can mark the relevant exercise pages and do these at your leisure.


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