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Facial Exercises

Double chin toner This exercise tones the chin, neck and jaw line. Place one hand on the front of your neck and the other on your desk. Sit tall, with your chin up as high as you can without hurting the back of your neck. Look up toward the ceiling and smile.  Push away from the desk with your hand. Rock as if you were on a rocking chair, so that all the energy is going out toward the back. Push backward and then return to the upright position. Push quickly, with your feet and hands, and continue looking toward the ceiling.  Rock 30 times. Turn your head over towards your right shoulder and, without stopping, rock 30 more times. Lastly, turn your head over towards your left shoulder without stopping for 30 more rocks. 

While doing some exercises to reduce a double chin, it is useful to also consider doing some facial exercises. Carole Maggio, the founder of Facercise, reveals some of her useful facial exercises in the following video.

Additional ways of improving a double chin are to improve your posture. Good posture will influence every part of your body; this allows double chin exercises to be more effective. By keeping your head up at most times, your throat muscles will gradually become tighter. Also, chewing sugar free gum has been found to be effective.

Try exercising the platysma muscle in this way: First, open your mouth wide, pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth, and then try working your jaw up and down, as if it were being used as a "scoop". This exercise is sometimes referred to as the "shovel."

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Neck Exercises

So many people focus on exercise downwards from the neck, yet the neck and your face have a total of 57 muscles that also need regular exercise.  One of Jack LaLanne's neck strengthening exercises is to lie flat on the bed on your back, letting your head drop over the edge of the bed. then lift your head and place your chin on your chest. Count to 10 while holding this position. Then let your head drop back down, rest, then redo this exercise.

Just chewing your food well helps to define your jaw line and diminish the double chin. Chew your food until it is almost the consistency of a liquid.  Your age is revealed by the condition of your neck!

Here is advice from Christine Marquette, an Austin, TX dietitian, on how to lose a double chin.

  1. work on your overall weight loss, this will go a long way to secondarily reduce your double chin.
  2. for those who are already thin and still have a double chin, work on exercises to strengthen the neck and jaw (see other articles on
  3. For the rest of us, tilt your head back, so that you can start to feel the tension in the bottom of your chin and your neck. Then relax, then repeat this 10-12 times.
  4. To pursue a weight loss program, pursue a healthy diet with exercise most days of the week.

Facial Liposuction

Although facial liposuction may have a quick, immediate benefit, the same conditions may return if one does not change their lifestyle.

Some before and after results of chin liposuction are shown in the following video from an Indian surgeon.









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